What is the focus of the courses?

Our weekend revision courses are designed as a way for students to consolidate knowledge across individual units, in combination with extensive question practise and analysis. The aim is to recover all of the relevant theory across a unit but from an examiners position. In other words material is covered in a concise fashion but with the aim of focusing on all of the key examination topics and then approaching these with extensive use of board relevant past questions. Our tutors are not here to lecture but to use their extensive experience to show you all of the possible variations that examiners can use in asking you to respond to a topic. You will gain a real insight into how examiners approach topics and the concise nature of answers they often require.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are some of the top A-level teachers in their subject and are selected not just for their knowledge but also for their ability to relate this in a clear and concise way. Nearly all have acted as Head of Department or above in senior London schools and have an outstanding record of results at A-level. Many have been working with TESTPREP and its sister company GRADMED since 2001 and have a proven track record of achieving results with students at all levels with us. Most have also acted as examiners and also have specific knowledge of the current thinking amongst the examiner cohort. Please see our tutor list for specific details on our tutors.

Is the course for me?

It depends on where you feel current weaknesses are in your examination preparation. Although all theory material is recovered the aim of the course is to utilise this in your approach to examination technique. In particular if you tend to overwrite and sometimes miss the key points a question is asking for the course will be of particular benefit. Our aim is to get you thinking in almost a bullet point fashion when you answer questions and so to always have in mind what a mark scheme will be asking for.

Where and when do the courses take place?

All of our courses take place at Imperial College London in South Kensington, providing some of the best teaching facilities available in the capital. Courses run over the weekends between the end of April and mid June meaning that each is specifically targeted in the run up to the appropriate examination. Please see the current timetable for specific dates.

How successful are the courses?

The courses are not a replacement for your own revision programme, although they will provide a valuable overview of how key topics relate and a re-coverage of syllabus material. The real aim is to develop your knowledge in an examination context and so to make real improvements in your approach to presenting material as required. Experience shows that this focus can and does make real grade improvements.