BMAT - Test Structure


BMAT is divided into three sections:
  • Aptitude and Skills
  • Scientific Knowledge and applications
  • Writing Task
The structure is: 

Section I  

Aptitude and Skills
35 multiple choice or short answer questions to be completed in 60 minutes
This section looks to appraise problem solving, reasoning and analytical thinking skills.  These form a strong foundation in the ability to cope with the demands of courses such as medicine or veterinary science.  Answers need to be thought through rather than knowledge memorised and repeated.

 Section II

Scientific Knowledge and Applications
27 multiple choice or short answer questions to be completed in 30 minutes.
This section evaluates the application of scientific knowledge that broadly equates to National Curriculum Key Stage 4.  Examiners will be looking to assess how problems are dealt with rather than simply looking for detailed knowledge within specific areas.

      Section III

Writing Task
1 essay to be completed from a choice of 4 questions, allocated  30 minutes.
The prompts are usually in the form of a one sentence statement, followed by questions which will determine how you write the essay.  The style of essay required will differ to say those written for Biology. Skills assessed are those of observing difficult concepts and explaining them in alternative ways, ability to identify divergent thinking and show ways of resolving conflict, thinking through and validating logical argument.  In summary, the ability to develop, organise and communicate ideas with fluency.