HPAT - Test Structure

HPAT Ireland is a multiple-choice based test of 2 ½ hours duration. The test is divided into three sections and has been designed to assess critical and logical reasoning skills, as well as interpersonal understanding. The focus on non verbal communication and reasoning is significant as it helps to measure the ability to understand behaviour and individual nuances without the necessity for direct communication or intervention. 

The test structure is as follows:






Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

44 Questions to be completed in 65 minutes

The content in this section is drawn from wide ranging areas and is not expectant of previous knowledge or study. Information contained is presented primarily in textual form with some tabular or data content. The focus is very much on applying reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Interpersonal Understanding

36 Questions to be completed in 45 minutes

This section assesses the ability to show insight into the feelings, motivation and behaviour of other people, and into issues related to helping or working with others. The questions reflect a candidate’s understanding of others, their behavioural motivation and reactions. 


Non-Verbal Reasoning

30 Questions to be completed in 40 minutes

Questions in this section are totally based on visual stimulus and assess problem solving and abstract reasoning in a non-verbal context. 

The result will be given as an overall score which will be valid for two years. 

Further information can be accessed through www.hpat-ireland.acer.edu.au