HPAT - The Test

The Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT) – Ireland, is used as part of the admissions criteria for students applying to medical programmes at undergraduate level in Ireland. HPAT seeks to complement existing academic study, addressing and measuring more general and personal skills not evaluated through Leaving Cert study.

Emotional intelligence is key to many aspects of this test as the ability to understand and interpret behaviour, and motivation of people is central to many of the scenarios being examined. The test is looking to identify personal skills and attributes that are viewed as important characteristic for future health professionals. Insight into the feelings and behaviour of others is key to understanding motivation and behaviour.

A note on HPAT Ulster, as this varies to the above and is solely used by the University of Ulster as part of its admissions criteria for a number of courses related to health.

Specific details can be ascertained from: www.hpat-ulster.acer.edu.au