Medicine – What is your motivation?

Why do you want to be a doctor?  On the surface such a simple question, and yet one that can be difficult to answer.  Or more importantly answering with conviction and genuine appreciation of motivation, now that can be a different story.  One of the best ways to understand what drives your desire and ambition to study medicine is through work experience.  Much of what we are involved in may seem simple and insignificant on a daily basis, and remembering how experiences have shaped your thinking so easily becomes a distant blur.

So it really is worth keeping a diary of any voluntary work, placements, shadowing or any other relevant exposure as you go along.  What may seem insignificant in the normal routine of a day can help to piece together different understanding some months down the line.  Drawing experiences together, understanding what has been learned from them is an important aspect of understanding what frames our thinking and behaviour.  Digging deeper for a real appreciation of individual character traits can only help to form an honest awareness of strength and weakness, reinforce the former and manage the latter in a positive sense.