The TestPrep Difference

Educational expertise that has been collectively amassed over a number of decades forms the basis of all course development.  Our skilled course directors are not only experts in their particular fields, but also understand the rationale involved in test design, and how to help students understand the varying approaches, principles, skills and styles.  Our strength lies in an in-depth understanding, and participation in, all aspects of secondary and higher UK education, and this is reflected in the way in which our courses are structured and our tutors selected.

Studying with us will provide the following benefits:

  • Full-length simulated test papers, questions, guidance notes and other resources.
  • A highly practical environment that ensures our students develop an abiding confidence in their approach to the tests, by focusing on the specifically prepared material, unique to students attending these courses…

Sticking to the same study habits can sometimes inhibit progress, whereas approaching exams from different perspectives can engender success more effectively.  This is particularly true with the new tests as it is much harder to prepare for something that is not necessarily based on knowledge only.  The unknown factor and the lack of a ‘safety net’ in terms of knowing what needs to be ‘learned’ can in itself be daunting and can hinder performance.  The reverse of this is, of course, how to deal with the unexpected, how to think around the issues, make informed judgements, and analyse the options given, laterally and critically, within time constraints. 

There are no easy-fix solutions, no cramming for success, but there are different ways of approaching problems and identifying potential solutions to determine the correct response with greater ease.   ‘How to’ as opposed to ‘what to’ learn is the fundamental difference in preparing for tests of this nature.  Experiencing and practicing questions that simulate the style, content and rigour of the real thing is the final ingredient in achieving success.