About TestPrep

Our courses and resources have been developed by educational experts in association with senior members of the education, legal and medical professions, whilst our tutors are experienced in writing materials for these new papers.

Tests of this nature originated as universities sought to distinguish between candidates through a fuller understanding of individual potential.  In previous years, additional testing was more specific to Oxbridge applicants, but the parameters have changed.  Whilst A-Levels are strong predictors of university performance and highly indicative of cognitive intelligence, they say very little about coping capacities and personality. 
Tests of this nature will continue to incite much discussion, but they are undoubtedly allowing students some opportunities which are not always accessible through scholastic achievement alone.  It has been said that they are restrictive but this is not necessarily the case, because used constructively and as part of a wider admissions process they can engender a more egalitarian approach.  They are part of a ‘tool box’ available to admissions tutors in helping gauge aptitude, perhaps more holistically identifying potential. 

Our experience has shown us that, whilst there is no ideological trail in the pursuit of education, these tests have helped students to take advantage of opportunities that may previously simply not have been an option.  Our experience has also shown that it is possible to help students identify and nurture approaches, styles and practical ways of preparing for tests that are not content based alone.  Above all, an instructional approach that is able to merge knowledge with skill where necessary, and focus on the practice of reasoning and analysis, is one that can only enhance the learning process overall.