TSA - Our Courses

To begin with, Testprep does not hold itself out as having a special insight into the examinations per se. The thinking skills assessments are designed to be self-standing and transparent, and there is no ‘trick’ to achievement under them. However, the nature of school and college courses is such that the skills of evaluation, essay construction, and problem solving, often give way to the format of school examinations. Critical thinking is rarely taught, and students often feel uncomfortable in the manipulation of ideas or language which lies at the base of such an activity. 

Testprep, as a company specialising in the preparation of candidates for pre-med exams on the same basis as the TSAs, such as BMAT, UKCAT, and MSAT, has a long history of bringing students ‘up to scratch’ in critical thinking. Our self-produced assessments are designed to stretch and train minds to understand the thinking behind cognitive assessments, and to help students to practise answers in realistic and useful ways. 

Our tutors, many of whom are specialists in language, logic, or communication, can point out to students where and how an answer on a past paper went wrong or right, and can demonstrate how to ‘see things’ outside of the somewhat mechanical college or school approach. We have been very successful in preparing students for skills assessment entry in the past, but would very much suggest that we are part of the solution to cognitive training dilemmae for a determined student rather than a ‘guarantee of success’.

Our training day will consist of three hours’ concentrated work on essay technique, evaluation, and structure, as well as assessment of data. Students will be equipped with both the past papers of the Oxford TSA, and a large number of prepared questions with worked answers of our own. Another three hours (after lunch) will focus on examples of problem-solving multiple choice questions and the techniques and patterns that appear within papers and categories. It will very much function as either an introduction to or a refresh

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