UKCAT Test Structure

UKCAT is divided into four sub-tests covering four substantive subjects: verbal reasoning, decision analysis, abstract reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.  

Verbal Reasoning – Looks at ability to think coherently about written information and to arrive at a conclusion
Quantitative Reasoning – Assesses ability to work through numerical problems
Abstract Reasoning – Assesses ability to identity symmetry, rotation, sequence and pattern
Decision Analysis – Assesses ability to establish relationships from data and other information given

UKCAT is structured as follows:




Standard Test Time UKCAT

Extended Test Time


 Verbal Reasoning

 44 items   

 22 minutes

 28 minutes

 Quantitative Reasoning

 36 items

 23 minutes

 29 minutes

 Abstract Reasoning

 65 items

 16 minutes

 20 minutes 

 Decision Analysis

 26 items

 32 minutes

 40 minutes 

 Situational Judgement Test   

 60 items

 27 minutes

 33 minutes


*For those candidates that require extra time due to a documented medical condition or disability